when getting a blowjob you grab the back of her head and slam her down on your man stick so hard that she vomits all over it. Then continues with the blowjob and when you cum, she swallows a mouth full of cum and vomit..
Hey did u hear Pluto got a Angala Chinese last night?

Ya I heard that she didn't even brush her teeth after.
by Moosey Moose November 02, 2007
Top Definition
Angala Chinese is when a dude is getting head from his girl and he is slamming her face onto his cock and she gags. Thus, causing her to vomit all over his piece. When the guy blows his load the girl swallows his load, as well as a mouth full of her own vomit.
Yo Biggs....I heard this bitch got an Angala Chinese from plooooodizzle last night.
by jacked as fuck October 28, 2007
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