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When a man is about to jizz and experiences extreme sexual trauma, the sperm/jizz is immediately sent swimming in fear into the mans urethra causing a blockade.
Being unable to urinate or ejaculate for up to 10 hours, any man cursed with this syndrome is forced to do something productive with the rest of his day, a terrible fate indeed.
(Bob logs into chat website to meet his text sex pal jenny)

Bob667-hey babe
Jenny232-hi hunny
Bob667-miss me?
Jenny232-sure did
Bob667-got a pic yet?
Jenny232-here ya go photoshare.com/125463356

(When Bob followed the link, he saw a thin, beautiful, blonde, and big breasted woman. He commenced masturbation, and just as he jizzed the picture turned out to be a Gif image and purple waffle appeared, the extreme shock Bob and his little buddies experienced caused a severe Aneurjizzm.
by RedSandDuster May 23, 2011