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An amazing caring person that will never hurt your feelings and always take into consideration what people have to say, she has a kind heart and is crazy about a guy, she is very shy but very funny and outgoing when you meet her
" Aneesah you are so talented i wish i were you"
by happyallthetime4335 December 31, 2012
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The most gorgeous girl but she doesn't believe it when she is around people. Aneesah is amazing at singing, shes also is incredibly flexible. Aneesah has a good sense of humor and she's never afraid to crack a joke, she'll always make you laugh even if she didn't try. Anyone that passes an Aneesah should spend as much time with her as they can, before she leaves forever. Although Aneesah plays rough she is still amazing. Aneesah has long legs, beautiful eyes, and the most gorgeous smile. She's also very smart but she hides it.
"Wow do you see that girl over there look at her, her name must be Aneesah"
by Bestpeoplenames January 03, 2015
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