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Often a name or term which is applied to a God, or someone who shows godly traits.
"Your so andy at this game."
by John Smith II August 06, 2006
One real pimp-ass Ho-bag that really loves designing erotic calendars featuring lizards.
See also--Bob Ross
Hookay, did you see that Andy lizard calendar? It was very ho-baggish...reptile thong.
by tmurda January 25, 2006
a large ugly jewish person similarly resembling a duck
you're such and andy
by werji June 05, 2009
A hot sexy single male, with a large penis and a lot of free time on his hands. Also, loves sexy males, too.
Andy sleeps with babes every night.
by duffiers December 05, 2008
a guy with a very small to no penis who mainly enjoys mens company
one of those 7 guys must be named Andy
by berty baby June 17, 2009
A boy who thinks he is extremely funny who isn't, and overcompensates for being gay by dating loads of girls who quickly grow to hate him.
Tom Cruise has the charateristics of an Andy
by Amber1234567898538954467784367 April 01, 2009
a boy who is a G
and who is a korean wannabe
wow he's the best andy ever!
by zeet November 11, 2006
a bad-ass mother fucker who is fat and uncool and thinks all girls like him which they dont they all feel awkward around him and they think he really stinks and he does.
he smells like shit, oh thats right he is andy.
by dingers May 23, 2009