The tremendous queer of a lead singer from Black Veil Brides, known for his army of brain dead arrogant fans and his lack of talent in singing and musicianship. Some may refer to him as "Andy Ballsack", in mockery of his real name, Andy Biersack, (because for some reason every "musician" in the scene has to change their name to something irrelevant and stupid.)
People think Andy Sixx can sing? The harmonious sound of farts from my asshole sound more appealing.
by Gizepi Cosci June 15, 2011
Top Definition
The lead singer of the most awesome band known to walk this earth, Black Veil Brides.
Sfuenfg: Hey did you get to meet Andy Sixx after the show?
yyter: Yeah he was hella badass! :)
by Supercalijabawokee April 14, 2009
Sex on legs! Singer of Black Veil Brides. Amazing eyes....he's the sex.
Girl: *sighs* I want an Andy Sixx
by BVB_pink February 28, 2010

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