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the sexii bass / vocals in the shmexii aussie band short stack...
Mandy says "Do you love short stack?"

Nella says "eff yee! Andy Clemmensen is the sexiiest, 'eh"

Mandy says "yee.. naww, we love him"
by ShortStackEffingShmexi September 25, 2009
Bassist for Short Stack. Possibly THE hottest guy alive. Born on 24th April, from Budgewoi, New South Wales, Australia.

He has a step brother, that is also a member of Short Stack, Bradie Webb. Their band is finished with Shaun Diviney, the lead singer, and lead guitarist.
Person 1: "Who is Andy Clemmensen?"
Person 2: "He is the hottest guy alive, from Short Stack."
Person 1: "He sounds pretty amazing.."
Person 2: "He so is."
by Katie Clemmensen October 14, 2011