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-adjective, adverb
Greek (Andreas meaning "I'm Amazing"); Spanish 1672? (Andre meaning "Great"); Old English (Andrew adopted by Queen Elizabeth. She called her loyal knight, "Andrew."); Modern English: 1. Loyal; Trustworthy; Dependable. 2. Amazing; Remarkable; Incredible; Wonderful; Mind-Blowing. 3. Comical; Witty. 4. Clever; Brainy; Sharp; Intelligent. 5. Optimistic. 6. Gifted; Brilliant. 7. Caring; Amorous; Affectionate. 8. Most people who are described as "Andrew-y" are Virgo, Greek, and fun to kiss.

1. Because of how andrew-y he is, I knew I could rely on him to keep my secret safe.
2. As usual, the team performed incredibly andrew-y.
3. That joke he told clearly illustrated how andrew-y his personality is.
4. I could immediately sense that he was andrew-y because he solved the complex equation with ease.
5. Despite the dismal situation we were faced with, we remained andrew-y.
6. The professor knew that the new student had an andrew-y mind.
7. Holding me in his arms, he emitted a very andrew-y aura.
8. Upon discovering that guy was a Virgo, Greek, and fun to kiss, I knew he would be andrew-y.
by Semperly May 25, 2008
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