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Singer/songwriter/pianist of Something Corporate, and side project Jack’s Mannequin. Truly a musical genius, who amazingly incorporates piano(barefoot :])into rock music. His voice is full of emotion, although his appearance is known to be a little nerdy...but totally hot. Andrew has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia,is being treated in Los Angeles and his doctors expect a full recovery. GET BETTER! <3
Get better Andrew McMahon!
by Freya_x November 13, 2005
The most gorgeous, talented, band member of Something Corporate. Or maybe just of the music industry in general. HE IS FINE. He has an eyebrow piercing as well.
Whoa, if he didn't suck at singing, he'd be a natural Andrew McMahon.
by Veronica Corningstone May 24, 2005