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Baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, faster than a gazelle, sick dreads. Wears his hat in a ridiculous manner. Could be the messiah of the Buccos. He is known for his calm demeanor. His helmet falls off when he runs for extra bases, and/or when running from first or second base to home. His hometown is listed as somewhere in Florida, but he is most definitely from a planet called Krypton. He has sometimes been referred to as 'McClutchen', for his various walkoff hits/home runs. Also referred to as "Cutch."

Do whatever you can to spread a nickname for him, "The Flying Cutchman."
Bucs fan: Dude, did you see Cutch's triple last night?

Other Bucs fan: No, he was going too fast. All i saw was his helmet laying between first and second. Andrew McCutchen is a man among boys; he should have his own holiday.
by flyingcutchman September 25, 2009
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