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An amazing gorgeous man with beautiful bright eyes that would do anything for his girlfriend. He has a GREAT personality & an INCREDIBLE sense of humor! Andre loves to joke, go out but mostly spend time with his girlfriend. If u find an Andre, hold on to him- Don't let go !
i'm holding on to dat Andre!
by NikkiilOVESuu August 21, 2009
An awesome guy that loves stars and dancing to your a jerk. He plays football and thinks girls with curly hair are ugly.
Did you see that Andre at the mall?
by lightsoff October 21, 2009
An extremely well built, attractive, male human being. First occurrence in March 6, 1989. No other 'Andre' has been sited since. In present time, 'Andre' is a noun used to depict the most handsome and attractive of men, with stunning features.
"Wow! Did you see that Andre over there?"
by Fella09 March 07, 2009
an amazing guy, good sence of humour, funny, attractive, shy, fun to be around, loving, sweet, fairly confident...
everyone should have him,he's an andre
by a1s2h3l4e5y6 October 04, 2009
A all the round great guy. He's very atheltic and loves soccer. His friends easily influence him and that could be good and bad. When he has a girlfriend he falls hard for her and will do anything for her. He'll never let her go and just loves spending time with her. He has an amazing smile, laugh and personality. He can be shy sometimes though. If your lucky enough to have an andre...hold on to him(:
"Is your boyfriend Andre?"
"yeah. why you ask?"
"oh just wondering, but its no wonder hes so amazing."
by anynomous12345 November 07, 2011
An Aboslute pro, a scarface of pot, an adonis, and above all, all of the above. Dann Boeing and Zaphod Beeblebrox would approve.
Man I can drink a whole can of motor oil without ill effects! I'm such an Andre!
by ScarfaceOfPot September 28, 2010
A very sexy brazilian person that lives in Texas.Has sex with hot girls all the time. People wish they were him.
Man that dude is such an Andre!
by insane soccer player March 14, 2009