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A village in the country of Gloucestershire, in the Midlands. Overrun by the native Chav, with the rare species of intelligence cropping up in very small pockets of the area. Other species inhabiting the area are thieves, drug dealers, paedophiles, and the general, all round arrogant cunt. The police do regular patrols, but to no avail as they are fat, useless retards.
Chav 1: Sup nigz

Chav 2: Ite fam, wagwan?

**Mysterious van appears**

Paedophile: He kiddies, you're coming with me

**Thief nicks paedo's van**

Chavs: Nah blud, we gon shank u up m8, u liv by da krew's rulez in Andoversford bruv.
#chav #pricks #lawless #shithole #hand-over-the-ford #andoversford
by DogShagger January 25, 2013
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