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The Name For The Most Gorgeous Girl Alive. You Cannot Live Your Life To The Fullest Until You Meet and Become Friends With One. Warning: Your May Indeed Become Jealous Of Your Anastasiya.
person 1) Have You met Your Anastasiya Yet?
person 2) No. Have you?
person 1) Yeah
person2 ) DUDE ! YOURE SO EFFING LUCKY. I wish i could meet mine.
by igotajarofdirt.:D February 03, 2010
A small pocket size girl that makes an amazing girlfriend.
wow i love my anastasiya she's so thoughtful and she

fits in my pocket.
The process of exhaling hookah smoke from both mouth and nose at the same time.
OMG have u seen it dude? he did an Anastasiya, that's so cool i wish i knew how to do it myself.
by randomyou June 13, 2011
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