What uneducated white rednecks like to rant about in their trailer parks while grilling meat, oftentimes surrounded by Confederate flags and posters saying "The South Will Rise Again". What they lack in teeth, they make up for in Bud Lite, guns, racism, sexism, and homophobia - all tools they hope to use to propagate Rupublican and/or Conservative belief systems so they can make the world a giant Texas, thereby legalizing the act of fucking their sisters in hay stacks.
Anarchy: "Cletus, I told you to watch out for them there Hispanistadour Alien Swamp Beasts! We don't like none a'them border-hoppin' chimichurra eatin' motherfuckers comin' round these parts! We gotsta preserve the white race!"
"Well gosh darnit Bobby Joe, that may be the most racist shit I EVER heard! YEEEEEHAAAWWW! I completely agree with ya!"
by Darklightinthenightstar February 05, 2017
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