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A girl who will always be there for you. She won't leave your side when things get rough. And once she falls for you, there's no turning back. Her heart is set on you and no one else. She's sweet and caring and SUPER sexy!!! She has a really nice butt and a nice body. And don't forget how beautiful she is! If she loves you, then don't let her get away!! She's a keeper!!
Did you see that big booty girl?
Yeah, that's Analia!

Oh, she has a nice body!
I know right!

Man I wish she liked me..
Same here, I hear she's a keeper!
by Josh4443 November 15, 2013
A girl that is cute to the bone. Loves the attention and the food. Has a big butt and thighs to go with, but is a total baby.
Hey, have you seen that big booty girl?

Yeah, thats Analia!
by lucky567 November 04, 2013

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