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When a male performing intercourse from behind grabs his partner’s hair, pulls there head back and ejaculates onto their face through a parabolic trajectory reminiscent of motor cycle jumps performed by dare devil Evil Knievel.
get ready baby.. anal knievel is about to take the stage
by Scrotehammer September 18, 2006
also known as the daredevil scorch, the Anal Knievel is a very unique form of anal sex. the recipient of the anal pleasure stays on the ground with their ass pointed up in the air. the person giving the anal pleasure jumps off an object in the room and attempts to land their penis/sex toy into the asshole of the recipient. if the landing is successful, the person giving the anal pleasure then scorches the recipient of the anal pleasure.
Jonny Anal Knievel'd me so hard last night! My asshole still hasn't stopped bleeding!

In my opinion, the Anal Knievel is best kind of scorch.
by mcdodoates October 05, 2009

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