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Anal cataracts is an illness often associated with middle to lower income working persons. Although the casues of anal cataracts are unkown, the symptoms are general sleepiness, laziness, fishing trips, concert tickets, boarding, riding, roadtrips, and and in some cases, better shit to do than go to work.
Employee: "Hello Boss? I won't be coming into work today, I have anal cataracts".
Boss: "What hell is anal cataracts?"
Employee: "Well, I can't see my ass coming into work today."

by Dannyoon April 29, 2008
An excuse used when you sure as hell can't see your ass doing something.
Honey, would you like to go to a Lotte Berk class with me?
Sorry baby, I got anal cataracts.
by Damgerous October 20, 2009
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