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The sexual postion in which person A lays flat on their front while person B poos in side person A's anus. It can be used for pleasure or just for good hardcore sex.
We had a great anal bomb last night
by kollok234 March 13, 2012
It's when two gay men and a woman are having sex. The first man
is licking the woman's vagina from a subordinate position while the second man has anal intercourse with her until she orgasms and squirts all over the face of the first. This is often considered a punishment between gay men.
Steve and Bob had been fighting for a week. Steve to apologize
was required to take an anal bomb from Bob and their friend Linda.
by patb2009 May 15, 2014
These are the giant, sphere like shits you do. They will then general make a impressive splash, showering your messy anus with water, piss or in cases of diarrhea ANUS OIL
"Lol Dunstan did a massive anal bomb and covered his gubby anus with runny shit, whata douche"
by Richard123 January 04, 2006

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