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A-nil Mon-stir. Phrase describing a woman slut who loves to have the cock placed in her asshole.
Catherine Zeta Jones took my cock in her ass like a champion. Shes an Anal Monster.
by WackBag December 03, 2005
A dirty lil monster who hides in your anal cavity. Everyone has one (unless you got yours removed). Although they may tear the inside of your asshole apart from time to time with their claws -- they are only referred to monsters because no one understands them. They are brown and hairy. Some even call them the Sasquatch of our buttholes. But, all-in-all, they are majestic and independent organisms. That live in our buttholes.
When I was a child I used to have the strong urge to stick my sneaky lil fingers up my asshole. But, with the help from my anal monster, I don't have fingers anymore because he clawed them off. Thus ending my gross habit.

When I was in ninth grade, I thought I was gay. So I let a homosexual stick his penis in my anus. My Anal Monster tore his penis apart. He saved me -- because faggots are stupid. I don't want to be stupid.
by AnalMonster666 February 19, 2015
A female who offers anal sex or has had anal sex with more than one partner.

"Anal Monster" refers only to a female, and does not apply to a female that has only had anal sex once.
"Tara is wild, yo, she wanted to have mad anal"
"That girl is an anal monster, yo"
by mynameisraquel September 24, 2011

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