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The act of drawing a dartboard on a woman's ass and aiming your sperm shots at her anus (the bullseye).
I played a round of anal darts last night
by TheDefiner69 August 14, 2009
To continue on the other definitions, here are some variations of the game:

Drunken Anal Darts: Like playing darts while drunk? Well you'll LOVE playing anal darts while drunk. Makes for a wild time!

Kitchen Darts: You have your girl bend over a counter and make a sandwich, while you play the game

Super Bowl Anal Darts: You play while wathching football and having her make buffalo wings for you

You can mix and match, and even combine all of these into a anal darts party.
I played anal darts the other day, and tried out some new variations.
by StanTheWoman7898 April 19, 2010