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The Hottest, Sexy, yummy and pefectoest man in the WHOLE GALAXY! he is soooo dang fine! I loovvee his scar! ANI!
Anakin Skywalker: Wow, i am pretty sexy

Obi-wan: Why must you look so sexy
by xxSnipsxx December 29, 2010
The origin of all sexiness. The highlight of the God-like beauty of today's media. His lightsaber is mighty fine. Has mad combat skillz.
If only my boyfriend had the cat-like agility and killer good looks of Anakin Skywalker...
by Margarita Washington April 09, 2007
An overused character in the amazing TV series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. is supposed to be influential for little kids even though he ends up turning to the dark side. A serious idiot.
kid: I wanna be Anakin Skywalker
Mature Clone Wars Fan: ...........
by CloneWarsFan May 15, 2010
A fat sticky blunt full of that fire that cuts ya lungs like a light saber. Call that blunt a anikan skywalker cuz.
a fat blunt that reminds you of a light saber used by anakin skywalker. Use the force...
by anarcho June 13, 2008