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The most socialable person you would ever meeet. She is usually high in intelligence which makes people jealous of her. She is most likely to get straight A's which makes people look very highly of her. She is a nerd in the inside of school but on the outside she is totally different. She is nice and funny and she always is looking on the bright side. She also breaks out in these random dances as if she is a dance team. She has a LONG attention span which makes her a good listener. But be warned if you get her mad she will totally blow up on u and attack u with words personally. She does this because she is usually very good at reading people as in she is good at figuring out others feelings and thoughts about things without them telling her. For the most part she is a fun chill person. Btw she is usually beautiful and ALOT of boys fall for her wittiness and beauty. And her thighs are curvy
I wish I was Anaia!
by Babygirl_naia January 02, 2017
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