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A beautiful girl who never stops caring. Always smiling, and the awesomest. She has swag. She is awesome at ....

A guy: So, that new girl is h.a.w.t.
Other Guy: Yeah! Shes awesome

A guy: What's her name?
Other guy: Anahita
A guy: Oh, thats why

by heythere. March 10, 2012
Anahita is the name of the Persian goddess of water.
She is a seductive woman with dark wavy hair, mysterious eyes and a great sense of humor. She is remarkably sensual, inspiring and vibrant.
- Bro! that girl is luminous! She really lights up the room.
- Yes that is Anahita! I must say she is very bubbly but I am slightly intimidated by her.
by frequentlyaskedquestions February 24, 2015
An extremely sexy intelligent Persian goddess, known for her beauty and brain. Often known to make men swoon. Overall an extremely beautiful, kind and brilliant woman.
Guy A: Oh there goes that girl, she so fine she could be a direct descendant of lord and savior Anahita
Guy B:Damn you is right bro she reminds me of an Anahita
by 14Pirana July 30, 2016
A bipolar girl who you think is nice but is actually really rude and backstabs you.
Unless you are her BFF or crush.
Some guy: Man, I met this girl names Anahita and--
Some other guy: Don't do it... she already has a boyfriend.

Some guy: oh...
by Fluffledot August 20, 2016
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