ana shorter of of 'and that' e.g if somebody is doing something, and ana is added to the end of the sentance then that person as also doint other things.
ana (and that) = etc (et cetera)

Prounounced - Ann Ah
i went over her house last night and she was drinking red wine ana
by sexual-pancakes May 13, 2008
Short Term for Anacostia Metro Station in Washington, D.C.
"hay yo, u gon meet me at ana at 5?"
by BarackDC October 10, 2008
A common abbreviation of anorexia.
Michelle was sick of being called fat so she went ana.
by Kii-san June 06, 2005
1. Short for Anorexia
2. Sometimes used as a person
1. Yeah that girl is sooo skinny... I think she's ana
2. I'm sorry Ana, I ate today.
by anonymousana May 22, 2005
1. from anorexia nervosa, term coined by sufferers and wannabe sufferers to describe anorexia nervosa as a person/spirit/friend, ana.
I ate dinner today, Ana please forgive me.
by Ashleigh Nicole June 22, 2006
Short for anorexic. Can be used as both perjorative or complimentary, and does not necessarily denote literal anorexia as such. Is often applied to denote a certain body type that falls under the "heroine chic" aesthetic.
"OMG, Hillary, you look so ana in that dress! I think you should wear it to the prom!"
"Ew, did you see Ann Coulter on Larry King? She looked really ana, I think she should eat something!"
by diamanda September 29, 2005
A short form of anorexia, mostly used by anorexics.


A nickname for anorexia, mostly used by younger girls who think that ana is an actual person, who to them is almost God-like. "ana" gives them the strength to starve, and makes them thin.
I have ana/I am ana.


ana, please make me skinny.
by invisible girl October 01, 2006

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