a 'pet name' for anorexia nervosa.
there are many arguements over the use of this word. some believe the girls who use the ana dont actually have an eating disorder, they just want one, wannabes who try to have an eating disorder and flaunt their lack of calories in blogs such as on xanga,livejournal and myspace.
others believe that ana is simply a lazy way to say anorexia, and cant be bothered to actually type that every time.
whatever you believe, anorexia is not a fad, trend or anything but what it truely is; a disease that ruins lives, not only that of the sufferer. families are torn apart, and lives are lost. anorexia can prevent you from having children, cause heart,liver and kidney problems and cause hair lose.
' ana love.'
'ana is my only friend.'
#anorexia #mia ed #bulimia #ana #nervosa
by goth_bunny May 17, 2007
Top Definition
A beautiful girl, she's never sure of what she wants hates commitments. There isint a person in the world that doesn't enjoy talking to her. Guys are the main thing In her life, she gets attached easily but can get over a guy in a few weeks. She doesn't like having an "owner" she flies her own way.
Her smile can brighten your day anytime, she is always laughing, and is easily pleased. She always wants what she can't get. She has big expectations, and always expects the unexpected.
#ana #love #expected #unexpected #beautiful #smile
by 3212 September 16, 2009
A nice looking girl who is very intelligent! She's sweet, caring and a fun person.
Everybody wants to be her friend
Ana is my best friend.
#ana #girl #leftie #intelligent #funny
by xgirliex July 20, 2009
See also Sexy Beastess
The 'Ana' are an extremely short and cute species of female. They tend to be good friends with the Evi species. This is due to their unique, yet awesome, view of life and choice of friends. The Ana are known to make people smile. They also tend to be great athletes in sports such as fencing.
Guy 1: Dude, that girl was freaking awesome!
Guy 2: Yeah, um, no shit.
Guy 1: ...
Guy 2: She's an Ana.
Guy 1: Ohhhhhh. *wave of understanding*
#ana #sexy #beastess #fencer #sweet #short #cute
by Blayde February 29, 2008
are the most gorgeous girls EVER. attractive eyes, adorable face, and smackable ass. very fun to hang out with, is always up for partying or adventuring, or is also there when you need a shoulder to cry on. see's things positively in any situation, and is the cutest little lady you could dream of. loves and keeps all her boyfriends and friends close. don't lose this amazing girl!! :D
Person 1: "who's that cutie surrounded by all those girls?"
Person 2: "dunno, must be an ana!"
#cute #ass #boyfriend #friend #bff
by anasbff May 09, 2011
a gorgeous girl who posesses natural beauty and always takes care of her looks.
Jonathan1: Woooow who was that?!
Jonathan2: Ana just passed by!! :o
#beauty #girl #looks #best #incredible
by Sunny Honey January 06, 2010
1. A very reliable person and a true friend that would always pick you up when you fall.
2. A woman that posesses the nature powers and whose mood changes frequently. A very emotional and passionate person.
1. Don't worry, you've got Ana beside you, everything's gonna be fineee.
2. Doncha play with that gal, she's Ana!
#ana #friend #rely #passion #fire #emotion
by Sunny Honey January 06, 2010
It's a masculine Arabic first name. it means "friendly" and in general: A person that people like to talk to and stay with because he is a source of joy and happiness to them. It was known first as the name of one of Prophet Mohammed's companions "Anas binMalek".
Anas binMalek is one of Prophet Mohammed's companions.
#anas #islam #prophet #mohammed #arabic
by Anas November 17, 2007
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