A skinny ass white trash slut who snorts anything in range of eyesight.
ZOMG!! Amy Winehouse is snorting my cat!
by TickTack97 February 09, 2009
aka amy crackhouse,a druggie.a talented singer who's talent has been overshadowed by her disgusting,crazy,wild late night drug sessions.and snorts more coke than a vaccum cleaner in a cocaine convention.doesn't have any respect for herself.and an idiot.shameless.known for her mountainous hair which look like home of the Yeti
dude,where's the flour?...i don't know,amy winehouse probably took it,she must've mistaken it for cocaine
by Mikja January 19, 2009
An untalented crackwhore with a record contract.
She has no talent whatsoever. Amy Winehouse slept her way into the industry and would be better off dead.
by Big Loada August 07, 2008
Overrated crackwhore singer who should not be allowed in the United States
Amy Winehouse sounds like Rosanne!
by Mr. Steele May 02, 2008
Some hypocritical british bitch that sang about not going to rehab but then she went for like one day.

She had all this critical praise for her album and it sold like some 2 million copies, but then she went crazy.

And to top it off her husband went to jail like 4 months after they got married, she performed drunk at half her shows, she skipped an appearance at the VMAs, she canceled her entire tour...

And she's #1 on the list of people most likely to die in 2008.

Oh yeah, and her song Rehab is so fucking annoying.
Person 1: "What do I need to know about Amy Winehouse?"
Person 2: "She tried to go to rehab she said no no no"

by PoonMonster November 27, 2007
aka carrie batman.. inside joke of anyone who has entered the coyote bar in wsm

theres amy winehouse!!


oh no its Not..

its jst batman :(
by charlezli December 17, 2007
English singer/songwriter from London. She makes REALLY good music, but man she's offensively ugly! Her large, protruding cheeks are actually pouches, storing food for hybernation at winter, similar to that of a hamster or gerbil.
They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no! no! no!

You should have got a facelift instead Amy Winehouse.
by Megan&Sue February 25, 2007

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