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In the Netherlands we call a 0.25cl glass of beer, an Amsterdammertje. a fluitje is 0.19cl, Amsterdammertje is also known as vaasje, which means little vase litterally. Different sizes of beers have alot of different names in the netherlands.
Guest @ bar: hey, one amsterdammertje please.

Bartender: Amsterdammertje? whats that?

Guest @ bar: same as Vaasje

Bartender: Aahhh, how did I not know that im so stupiddddd... 3 euro's please

Guest @ bar: Are you fkin kidding me why so much
by Reddiebombastic February 01, 2011
Dutch word meaning 'penis in erection'.
My amsterdammertje is ready to bone you, bitch!
by Aboraly September 01, 2006

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