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Said to be the strongest marijuana that can be grown on this planet. Only obtainable through about 5 known merchants in the United States, one of them are located in Georgia.. but for obvious reasons no further information of their whereabouts will be revealed.

One hit of this magical plant can send the user(No matter how much pot they may smoke) sky high within seconds, shotguns are NOT recommended (You WILL get high, but you may pass out & not get the chance to enjoy it, it is recommended that you smoke this in groups)! Mixing this with any other drug may be deadly, I really wouldn't know; I've lost a lot of brain cells smoking weed, but I've got enough to know not to try it.
The true name of this brand of weed isn't known, but due to it's affects it obtained the name Amsterdam Mental Mayhem, Outerspace Kush, Code name Ammo (Obviously, the K was dropped from the Acronym).
Stan: Yo, I got that LOUD pack
Rob: That whack ass shrub? Man, I got that Ammo bro..
Stan: You don't mean...
Rob: Yep... that Amsterdam Mental Mayhem Outerspace Kush..
Stan: *Drops "Loud Pack" *You can fuck every female I care for !! Just let me hit it once !!
by Ammo Smoker April 13, 2011
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