Top Definition
fantastic guy. Respected by everyone. Very kind and smart. trustworthy. Good looking :)
person one: that guy is so interesting. Who is he?
person two: his name is Amr. Best guy I've ever met
by bc1356 January 06, 2010
American Medical Response

Slang Terms- if you know anything about AMR, you will find these halarious

All Medics Relocate
Aint My Responsiblity
Ahhhh My Ride
All Medics Remediate
All Managers Retarded
All My Retards
Aint My Recollection
I cant beleive you work for AMR
by Bubba Gump July 20, 2005
Anti-Material Rifle

An experimental rifle being worked on by Steyr.
The Steyr AMR is still in production.
by Michael March 04, 2004

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