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commonly called just Amped, it's an airsoft store located in Pittsburgh, PA. it is the very best place to buy airsoft guns, gear, and accessories. they are getting a website up sometime soon. they dont stock a whole lot because they are a small store. however, if you call and place an order they will charge over phone and will get you your item as soon as possible. they have great customer service and will answer all of your questions.

also, a store where you can never resist the urge to spend all your money.
airsofter 1: Dude, i just bought a bunch of gear from Amped Airsoft.

airsofter 2: Nice, how much was it all?

airsofter 1: Umm, all the money in my wallet...

airsofter 2: Wow.... what all did you get?

airsofter 1: CA m4, 5 bags of BBs, 2 batteries, a plate carrier...
by TwoShot April 16, 2010
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