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a.k.a. Nicole Friend, Amor Hilton is a self proclaimed model/dj/producer/actress/scene queen/celebrity... you name it, she's probably pretended to be it.
Amor Hilton's are the epitome of an attention/myspace whore and wanna be. To classify as one, a person usually must take slutty "modeling" pictures, cake on a pound and a half of make up daily, lie about their age/make up a new life because they are just a poor high school drop out/take a fake name, get knocked up and get an abortion (but claim that it is a miscarriage), etc. You must have no self respect, do a obscene amount of drugs, and do basically what ever it takes to get known... because any publicity is good publicity, right? Other characteristics of a typical Amor Hilton include dating a rapist (who knocks you up and later ends up in jail for raping a girl on webcam), working as a gogo dancer for a crappy cover band, filming a porno, (preferably doing anal, and getting a facial) and then pretending you some how got duped into doing so, and then retiring at the ripe old age of 18 when you realize you are an utter and complete failure, to leave behind your incredible legacy.
Girl: "Wtf, why does this girl have 2,398,794,274 friends on Myspace? She's not even pretty!"
Boy: "Yeah but look at her half naked pics... and have you seen her porno? I wonder how many STDs she has! Crazy!"
Girl: "Ugh what a typical Amor Hilton... How sad."
by 666amorxoxo March 05, 2011
Amor Hilton, actress/model/DJ. The cousin of porn star, Paris Hilton. Amor is clearly the exact definition of a Myspace Whore. Seeks attention and takes slutty topless pictures and has scene guys gawking over her.
"Oh my gosh, your naked picture is so AMOR HILTON."
by Mngr March 12, 2007
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