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Amina (Noun) A person who has created a false identity, and through the use of an online forum, attempted over many months and years to convince others of his/her opinions on a subject. Often times adopting the opposite gender for effect.
Usage is similar to the Godwin Law.
We thought she was in danger, but now she's just committed an Amina.
by osirisdelanoche June 12, 2011
80 98
Arabic for honest, loyal, trustworthy and faithful.

A common islamic name, also the name of the prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) mother.
Amina is from Toronto, but she has travelled the world.
by mayebella July 12, 2006
481 163
can be defined as a ferocious being, fashionista, one who lives life in the FAB lane, manifestation of fabulosity, can pull of any outfit... even when covered and dressed modestly, extremely beautiful, blessed with gorgeous features, multi-lingual coming from an exotic background. Just .... overall amazing being.
Girl one: Damn i wished i looked as good as Amina.
Girl two: yeah, don't we all.
Girl one: May God bless her, she pulls off the abaya so well.
Girl two: i know, i wished i was one quater as fabulous as she.
Girl one: ahhh, we can only dream.
Girl two: *sigggggghhhhhh*
by tresalamode June 07, 2009
317 134
A funny, charismatic and bubbly girl with stunning looks and absolutely gorgeous eyes.. Whilst often misunderstood she is undeniably precious and can really brighten up people's world - She is truly god's gift.
Boy1: Man, could you imagine being with that Amina chick??
Boy2: One can only dream...
by TeenageeeeDirtbag October 23, 2011
171 73
A girl who thinks very highly of herself, likes to thinks shes amazing and loves saying KMT but still does not know how to do it. she's also 10/10
Amina: I'm just so amazing i'm even facebook famous I get so many likes.

Boy: Don't gas yourself

Amina: How am I gassing, why you always trying to s**t on my limelight
by bbaalllleett February 13, 2014
6 7
Someone Who Is Truthful.. Well No. " I Lied. " Someone Who You Can Really Trust. Someone Who Isn't That Intelligent In School.. But When They Express Their Feelings And Such Thru Words.. It Is Excellent And More. They Have Interestin' And Sometimes Ignorant Idiotic Thoughts. Their Very Random, & Curse In Almost Every Sentence. There Is So Much More To Say About This Person That You Can't Even Word It.
Person 1: Yo.. You Seen That Girl Amina Over There? She's So Damn Dumb.. Can't Even Do Algebra Right. And She's So Weird.. She Calls Food "Sexay!"
Person 2: Ye Nigga.. But You Heard Her At The Open Mic Last Night? Her Rhymes And Shit Was Tight. She Needa Record Deal.. If Only She Could Add, Subtract, And Multiply.
by Baby Boosz February 22, 2008
111 259