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idiots it means faith in god
Like when one prays in between passages he or she says amin...or the cristian version amen...i don't realy recall wat jews say, but whatever it is i respect it
by AminHuNgRyBoY November 04, 2006
To stay up late past 12 AM
yo man, i cant sleep. im so AM'in right now.
by brenden finnerty July 21, 2010
Amin Aka MC.Amin one of the most popular emcees in the middle east, he got his own style and he is real talented and he had many collaboration work with many famous rappers and producers around the world

about him some of his bio :

- 2004 was when i first started to write my own lyrics in arabic and started to express my deeper feelings through my music. My friends were amazed by my talent and encouraged me to keep on doing my thing. They supported me all the way. This was the first year i had several gigs at my hometown Mansoura, which truely helped me more and more in becoming selfconfident and makin me the person who i am today. This was my first step of breakthrough.

- In 2006 i first decided to publish my own records. The idea of creatin a band came when i decided to mix other voices within my songs. So i created two bands : Black Attack and the Arab Rap Soldiers. We uploaded our songs on the Internet for a world wide publishment. I felt like succseeding so i continued my vision.

-2008 was one of the most sucsessfully year in my career. I worked with alot of people, recorded a plenty of songs with known artists like Arabian Knightz, Wighit Nazar and many more, I also had alot of big gigs and many guest appearances like at the first summit of Mediterranean Hiphop Culture. and Desert Saga MixTape released by the end of 2008.This was one of my biggest highlights in my way.
MC.Amin represent The Egyptian mentality
by supaese November 07, 2009
A stunning handsome black male
You saw that amin across the street?
by abdullah kitwa wazi July 19, 2006
Pending deletion sites
Say amin and so IT will b in.
by Hercolena Oliver July 09, 2010
to help articulate a point. a fast said form of "I mean"
Man: Lets have sex
Women: Excuse me?
Man: Amin, I like your shoes?
by Yadidididamin August 13, 2008
A form of douchebag found in the indegenous areas of south douchebag. This form of douchebag is very rare due to their inability to breed.
A) Oh look! It's an Amin!
B) *Vomit*
by Daniel(TheBest) September 21, 2010