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1) (Noun) Variation of "Amelia"; Most often used to describe a female of higher intelligence, who is fun, loving, kind, hilarious, who enjoys activities such as reading, writing, typing, movies and painting the town red. Or blue.

2) (Noun) A beverage, served both alcoholic and/or virgin, found at "The Grand" in Lindsay, ON. Consists of The Grand barmix (lemonade, margarita mix, sugar-water), orange juice, cranberry juice, ice and rum.
(boy 1) "Wow, that chick's really cool"
(boy 2) "Yep. That's Amileya"

(patron) "Hi, Jesse, Can I have an Amileya?"
(jesse the bartender) "You sure can."
by babyburnz February 17, 2010

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