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a male name of sinhalese descent (sri lanka) which means "priceless","of EXTREMELY high value" or "too great to be measured by materialistic means". Sometimes mistaken for the similarly spelled Eastern European female name "Amelia" (pronounced "Ahh-Me-Lee-Ahh), "Amila" is very distinct in the 3rd phoneme 'Ahh-Me-Le(like the beginning of the word "Learning"- a "lea" sound).
Arthur: Hey Amila!
Amila: Hey Arthur! What's up?
Arthur: Wanna go hang out with Buster?
Amila: Let's go!
by iguessimprettyfunny February 24, 2009
amila is a great friend who will defend you throughout anything, she is very opinionated and stubborn but thoughtful and caring, she cares very much about her upbringing and nationality, she has a bosnian temper and low tolerance for drama and theatrics, but a high tolerance for alcohol, she loves fluffy cats and small weiner dogs, plus all small pets, and big ones actually, she won't open up easily about her life but if you're nice she'll let you listen to her ipod and her alternative taste in music. she hates pop punk but loves bosnian folk music.
Mandy: Have you listened to Man Overboard?
Amila: Uh, do you remember who I am? I like La Dispute
Mandy: Fine Amila, stop being so picky.

Amila: I also like Bjelo Dugme (bosnian. duh.)
by MandalinaTro December 14, 2012
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