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Amia is a beautiful lady. Highly strung and very independant. Tempermental but very good natured.
A true girly girl with masses of love for shopping; shoes; make up & Pretty clothing. Unique imagination and Strongly opinionated.
Mother speaking to Amia:
"Come on Amia time to get dressed"
"I'm not wearing that!! That's disgusting!!!!!"
by Amanda_D February 04, 2010
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Amia is a awesome girl smart, unique, and loves clothes.She is a savage little bitch and you will love her but sometimes she can be sassy but that's just the way Amia's are.She fucking kicks ass if you ever try messing with her she will beat your little ass and Amia's are hot ass fuck too!
Dude did you see amia she fucking kicks ass I love her!
by That girl Mia November 15, 2016
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A nickname short for Amelia. Very unique and original, as is the one with the name.
"that girl Amia, is not like anybody else I have EVER met."
by wikkkachikkkaa February 03, 2010
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