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1. An American Jewish person. 2. A person, place or thing that is, "Kosher", to American standards which seems to be a very broad definition to say the least. 3. An American person that is not quite Jewish but is more Jewish than anything else. 4. An American born person that is circumcised and had been circumcised shortly after birth that is between Conservative Judaism & Reformed Judaism with respect to their religious practices and is very patriotic to the United States of America.
1. David: "Are they Israeli"?
John: "They're Americanish".

2. Samuel: "It's made in the U.S.A.. Is it Kosher?"
John: "I guess. If not, it's definitely Americanish".

3. "You're not really Jewish. You're more Americanish."

4. Missy: "Are you a Conservative Jew or a Reformed
Jew,are you Israeli"?
John: "I'm more Americanish".
by J.K.Y. November 11, 2006

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