Chinese food made by Americans or American food made by Chinese people.
General Choi made an americanese hamburger today at Wong's house.
by childo December 20, 2006
Top Definition
The peculiar variant of English spoken in America. Subject to constant change, usually due to musicians and TV personalities making up new words all the time (intentionally or otherwise).
<Brit> This lad comes in here, he's speaking all Americanese, and expects people to understand him.
<Brit2> Someone needs to teach that git proper English.
by Evil Timmy February 08, 2004
Americanese is the lame language we speak in the US of A. It's like English only English is better and spoken with an accent in England. America's version is more slang oriented.
If you want to visit America you should learn how to speak Americanese.
Americanese is a difficult language to understand.
by girl hiding in your closet March 28, 2012
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