An african who has taken on all the culture of a an african american.Has devloped an american twang that any Texan would be proud off and always mistakes lagos with las vegas Talks about popping a cap in your ass when not long ago i was buying "feed the world" to keep the kid in grain and sacks for clothes. Calls himself bob and the 30 other names and alias he may have in order to be one step ahead of uncle sam Can be found in any internet cafe anywhere!!!! rarely found in a voting booth
Hey man how ya doing? AM Hank oudisieudi-gambirti- Williams am a american african
by dmgw February 25, 2007
Top Definition
America can acutally be politically correct and call those who were not born in Africa American-Africans.
Since we were not born in African, they don't want to call us African American. We can flip it around and call ourselves American-Africans since we are not the only "black" race. I'm about the same color as my 'Indian' friend, is she black too?
by AmaryLLis Reign November 07, 2006
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