American Idol
The sho gives so many kids something to look forward too. It helps them to know that even, I can be all that I want to be.
by Fran Kelly October 15, 2003
THE BEST FUCKING SHOW TO EVER HIT TELEVISION. EVERYONE WATCHES BECAUSE IT IS BRILLIANT! Well, actually the talent is aight, I just tune in to watch the judges fight back and forth and Simon and Paula flirt with each other.
American Idol, the best fucking show on tv, has the highest ratings of anything.
by Eri November 12, 2004
Clay Aiken....obviously!
American Idol found....shows over!
by MOO August 09, 2004
American Idol is the best and Ruben is gonna WIN!!!
American Idol was so cool last night..
by Alissa April 25, 2003

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