A definition that europeans use on urbandictionary to insult the united states, failing to realise the guy who owns the damn show is european.
Englishman "American idol sucks"

American "Why don't you watch the teletubbies you fag"
by Caption America May 27, 2005
a show everyone watches but afraid to admit it. yes, even the guys.
simon is sexy and makes the show much better
by misty March 04, 2004
Possibly the biggest television show of all time. A love it or hate it reality show showcasing fresh undiscovered talent amidst brutal competition. A successfully phenomenal television show bombarding TV ratings, record sales, and phone networks. Its formula has taken it to 22 different countries, defining itself as an enormous achievement ever in television history.
Survivor: The Musical.
by Kenneth January 17, 2004
Stop fighting! As interesting as it is to see you swear over nothing, would you see this bull in a offline dictionary, one where you CAN'T add things? No. Personally if I owned this site, I would make it so you can't add things anymore. Luckily for us all, the real owner is a heck of a lot nice than me. Anyway, did I get my point across?
Now, for the definition, a TV show where people try out to sing. Nearing the end, we can vote on the next American Idol.
American Idol is a television show that keeps me entertained.
by rantereduM May 31, 2006
a giant talent competition, which no one should have any reason to hate.
watch american idol on fox!
by truffles September 20, 2005
A stupid tv show that gets rep just because peeps wanna see Simon Cowell be mean to the people that are trying to become an American Idol. The people just try out for because they work in barber shop and have sucky lives. Well poor you i guess you shoulda went to colege. And a niger called Randey one of the juges acts like a complete idiot when he trys to be cool when he says "Dog". Man can you say anything else. Will it ever stop American thats my concern. But i hope it will. Paula sometimes kiss's Simon and its so gay she trys to act all cool when she does it.
"it sucks llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
by Mouse April 12, 2005
1. A program that showcases hot young talent and allows one winner a contract with a recording company.

2. A person or thing that everyone in America loves and wants to be.
1. That bitch on American Idol is hot as ballz! I wanna stick it in her ass cheeks!!

2. Saddam Hussein is such an american idol.
by bt March 24, 2003

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