One of those talent shows that is only entertaining when the contestants are not talented. Also, no one has any interest in it anymore because Simon Cowell is now a judge on The X-Factor. Watch that instead.
Sheri: "Dang, did you see American Idol last night?"
Zeke: "Lol, no! Who the fuck watches American Idol any more? It's 2015!"
by leriggz August 06, 2015
1. A show dumbing down America's youth or better yet, everyone who watches it.

2. A show searching for America's new "sensational singing idol." The contestants there have no edge, they are controlled by the stupid American Idol scene and plus, they can't even sing and even if they do have a talent, they would perform shitty songs.

3. The show has great ratings but it's just filled with a bunch of low-life losers seeking money from this terrible piece of sweaty turd they call a show.
1. This is what happend to George Bush, he watched American Idol too much and look at the result.

Contestant #482: If joo wadda bee wit meeh, uhh... bleh?
Simon: That was tewible.

3. Only preps watch fucking American Idol.
by Pissed Off†Liberal Jerk Off February 06, 2005
A show where contestants compete to become the winner. The show is enjoyed and loved by millions of americans. The show has brought amazing singers to the music world. It is the #1 show in America.
American Idol is the best show ever.
by MELidol May 26, 2011
Show that used to be good but then began to suck at the middle of the 2nd season. The only reason i watch...some of those bitches CANT SING A NOTE!
person 2: I dont know, but his career has lasted longer than the winners careers have!
by Ka August 18, 2004
Holding a call-in vote as we speak, to decide whether or not this show will stay on the air! Call in and be heard!
Call toll-free 1-888-USA-IDOL
To keep the show on the air, press 1.
To keep the show on the air, press 2.

BAH fuck it all we don't have a say in this. damned corporate ninnies.
by Adrian June 26, 2003
One of the worst shows ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only good thing is Simon Cowell.
Simon is so mean its great.
by none-of-ur-buisness March 09, 2005
This show is a solo singing competition where thousands of people between the ages of 15 to 28 audition in hopes of becoming the next Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson.
American Idol’s purpose is to find new, fresh, and raw talent; the best in the country. Singing auditions are held in cities across the United States, where contestants give it all they’ve got for a chance at a record deal.
by cottonbal July 15, 2010

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