Entertainment for people with no lives.
The only two good things about American Idol are Simon Cowell (hot) and Constantine Maroulis (hotter).
by Lady Pain March 07, 2005
American Karaoke, Shit, Rubbish, Corporate ear rape, teenage mind melter, destroyer of all things good.
American Idol is coming on in in 5 minutes.

Great, can you plug the toaster in when you see me entering the shower with it?
by Patrick McClatchey February 15, 2009
Another lame attempt by the television studios to make us suffer or should I say laugh, through the episode. Another boring tv- reality series.
Two Words.

William Hung.
by Lil Jon April 27, 2004
A tv talent show with wordSimon Cowell, Paula Abdul and bag of lard Randy Jackson. It has very high ratings and has made millions for Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller(don't they have enough money?)
Expect rubbish spin-off movies and programs to come from this and lots of cover versions.
"Gee American Idol is on the tv"
by agrofrog August 12, 2003
TV Talent show for singers with little or no longevity in their career after being awarded a contract. An easy way to get a record contract while making a bunch of rich peeps a lot fo money.

After convincing the British public that they'll watch any old shit with pop idol, Simon Cowell sailed the atlantic to the crap-tv-with-high-ratings heaven that is the United States of America. With five times the audience, he was able to rake in five times the revenue. But due to the American publics willingness to indulge in this shit (I'll admit after watching a total of ten minutes of this, and 20 of the origianal, american idol was slightly better), he made ten times that amount. This was also due to selling off the rights to all manor of countries around the world.
If he didn't do american Idol, Simon would be stuck with nothing more than a London pad and his Aston Martin. Because of American Idol, he's got a bunch of other stuff too.
by Gumba Gumba March 27, 2004
lame worthless show that wastes everyones time because once it gets to the top ten everyone gets contracts
Lets just say "rigged"
by 3k racer May 09, 2005
1. poo
2. show that Fox puts on instead of 24 and pisses me off
Person 1: Hey lets watch American Idol!
Person 2: You're a Faggot
by I love 24 November 26, 2003

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