A show most people watch for the chance to see people you want to insult get insulted by critics. Some contestents don't deserve to be insulted but 90% of them should be slapped for thinking sing.
Bob: Lets watch American Idol and see idiots try to sing!
by Oz March 08, 2005
A pop-cultural phenomenon that is so disgustingly implanted into american culture, that's it's nearly impossible to escape.
A show with a similar appeal to your local open-mic night @ the cafe, the exception being that one or two people @ the open mic have at least a shred of musical talent, & are freely allowed to express it as musicians.
A show to help boost Intermix Media/Myspace, which Murdoch owns, by capturing the internet culture as well as the television drone nation, to create real competition for MTV,
& eventually corner the market on the net, once it becomes more corporate controlled, & politically restrictive, which it is well on it's way to becoming..

I can't even watch a ballgame without one of these American Idol sucks over-singing, off key, or flat renditions of God Bless America, or the national anthem.
by CleofisTheofis March 05, 2008
THE WORST SHOW EVER!!!! I dont know how it is still on but its g2g. Im tired of watching it.
American Idol is FUCKED UP!!!
by GN'R 4eva April 25, 2007
1. A show where people with no talent go to pretend that they can sing.

2. A show where those who have talent but do not look the part cannot possibly win.

3. A show that a majority of America has sold their souls to.
Do you think that Susan Boyle will win on American Idol?

No, she has way too much talent and doesn't look like a porn star.
by dick the furry penis April 16, 2009
The show where getting second place actually means you won.
Dude: How come you only hear from the people who get 2nd place on American Idol after it ends?

Other dude: You watch American Idol? Faggot.
by Guy with limes August 14, 2010
where dreams go to die and where temporary legends are born
ever hear of ruben studdard, fantasia burrinno, taylor hicks, or david cook. all are past winners of american idol
by couch potat April 02, 2010
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