The TV show you avoid if you don't want to be ear-raped.
No one on American Idol can sing.
by Geanet April 01, 2007
The WORST show in the history of television. At least it's good for laughs because most of the contestants CAN'T sing.
American Idol is absolutely HORRIBLE to the ears.
by AYB March 24, 2003
A show where singers compete to become the newest indentured servants to the RIAA, and to attempt to make other naive singers aspire to the same. The majority of the show's viewership comes from Simon Cowell's belief that making crude jokes about people that can't sing for shit constitutes constructive criticism.
I don't watch American Idol because I appreciate real music.
by R2E February 28, 2008
a really overhyped bad show, where pretty boys and PYTs get their famous 15 minutes attempting to sing on TV and in most cases, prove that they have absolutely no talent whatsoever. The whole contest is rigged up, the lousiest contestants are purposely kept in the contest for a period of time just to rile up viewers' passions to motivate them to call up and say that the lousy contestant sucks big time. Those who do have any measure of talent at all, winner or not, sometimes get a recording contract and are set up with hack songwriters and producers who put together the "Idol"s first album, which is a pile of trash - IOW, whatever talent there may be is completely wasted. American Idol sucks.
American Idol is a lot like Star Search, a "talent search" TV program of the Eighties that seemed to have all the chumps performing on it.
by Buckeye Starrider May 04, 2007
1.An completely useless show in which people try to raise publicity of themselves regardless of musical talent

2.An American who travels to many countries and has sexual intercourse with many partners without receiving a disease
I only watch American idol for the tryouts
by Drakethacrusty March 25, 2009
An American television show that is part of a collective effort to perpetuate a shallow, one-dimensional view of music. Those with an ability to sing are given a chance at a record contract. Not specifically those with exceptional creative abilities, but those who are able to carry a tune through a verse-chorus-verse-Top 40-3:30 of regurgitated sound. It is made even more ominous by its rabid nation-wide following.
"It's time to evolve ideas. Evolution did not end with us growing thumbs, you do know that, right?" -- Bill Hicks

That example does not use "American Idol" in a sentence, but this does.
by suav nitebeest May 25, 2008
An American "reality" show in which generally untalented nobodies compete in a large scale karaoke contest where they are urged to express themselves as individuals, yet are not accepted or praised until they look, act, think, and sing exactly as a generic Top 40 Pop singer, where the grand prize is a record deal with Simon Cowell's record label; ultimately creating a retail failure, as the "artist" is doing little else but singing songs other people wrote for them as they write no words nor play any instruments of their own, all of which is eventually blamed on Mp3 pirating for poor CD sales.
"American Idol is complete garbage."

"All of these people on American Idol are just singing karaoke."

"Who's going to be the next American Idol? Who cares. They're not musicians either way."
by NYC January 18, 2006

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