Communistic propaganda.
Green Day has always been making songs filled with communistic propaganda.
by AJAW March 04, 2005
see propaganda

this album is pure propganda for the liberals.

The album is very anti-conservative and anti-Christianity.
It's a sad thing when this is portrayed as music.
by Bryan February 25, 2005
The best album on earth by the best band on earth.

fyi:to the guy who posted the 7th definition im 15 and have been listening to green day since i was 3 got a guitar at 10 could play most songs on it.first was welcome to paradise.then international superhits! came out and i thought they were over......
rock on green day! Screw bush!
by james February 23, 2005
A completely stupid CD written by a homophobic band of so-called rockers called Greenday. They are absolutely painful. If they went on TV, Simon Cowell would kill them.

The CD is about some random kid who enjoys using the words fuck and faggot. It is totally idiotic that anyone would ever listen to it.
American Idiot is the lamest CD ever.
by Ben Kenobi May 30, 2005
Green Day for making a bad album that's bad from beginning to end at this late stage in the game.And it's all because they tried to get political and therefore got "too cute" with the music and too fancy with the production and ended up with a bunch of poopy songs.
Don't wanna be an American Idiot? Then don't make an album of pure shit!!!
by Mr. long wanger September 30, 2004

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