first of all:that album has about 35% good songs on it...
second:the album that was made for people that say they are "skata's" and people who say they are punk.....

to taylor and all: that wasnt the only album they made you dildo's....
a year ago....

mackenzie:what are you listening to?
me:green day
mackenzie:ooo...what cd?

1 year later....

me:hey mackenzie what are you listening to?
mackenize:boulevard of broken dreams
me:*shudders* o do you like any of their other cds?
mackenzie:ehhh i think it starts with a.....d?
mackenzie:YEAH!!!!ITS AWESOME!!

enough said
by britt March 07, 2005
A new album by The Band Green day, which is supposed to talk about how fucked up america is.
Is it just me , or does anybody else find it weird that the band named after a day where all you do is sit around and smoke pot is trying to become political?
by ironyman January 23, 2005
To respond on frog eater (french) that i am, the american language would never have existed without France and Germany. 70 % of english came directly from french and 20% from German. La Fayette a French given to USA their liberty against England. We french sold to you Louissiana that in that period represented half of modern USA. When USA came to help us in 1917, the war was almost finished and we built and offered to you the statue of liberty. To finish, if you think that you saved our asses in 1945, you killed more french dropping bombs than you killed german and Russian destroyed 80% of german army that you would never be able to beat by yourself. Don't be proud of yourselves even USA constitution comes from french writers as Tocqueville and all your technology has been bought with dollars to european scientists for most of it. So more respect or one day frog eaters that win more than 2000 battles will take back our statue of liberty and kick your pretentious asses.............
It's a question of education for american idiots
by ladjudicator May 29, 2011
I agree. I own the album and its giving an important message. SO they may not like George bush but people are allowed to have opinions aren't they?
(((no example given)))
by Zizi March 12, 2005
Yet another record people love to hate simply because it breaks rank from a bands usual musical direction. Also associated with the "Liberal Media Bias", along with Micheal Moore films, any TV stations minus Fox News, and other scapegoats for peoples mindless hate.
"OMG American Idiot SuX! I don't have the attention span for a nine minute songs! Better go listen to New Found Glory before my head asplodes!"
by Azraith October 04, 2004
This phrase was coined and publicized by the once cool punk band Green Day. Though it is often thought of as the "all-american" republican, it was really given a new meaning by all the followers of the song. Now, the term is more fitting to those who think that Green Day stuck up to "the man" when recording this CD, although they became extremely commercialized, and ultimately conformed to the capatalist society they were singing against. If you don't realize this, and you love the album, you're an american idiot.
So the other day, these hella conservative rednecks came up to my car and wanted to tell me how bringing a republican back into presidency would help us find jesus, so I just cranked up my American Idiot CD in their face and sped off.

Dude, YOU are the American Idiot
by SeaGirl August 31, 2008
a.) a slightly below mediocre album by former-punk band green day. yes, they sold out. but what the hell would've happened if the sex pistols had been around for almost two decades? think about it.

b.) anybody who thinks american idiot is green day's only album, or green day's best album, usually a teenaged girl who makes out with a poster of a certain married man (Billie cough cough) every night. fucktards...go ask your daddy for money to buy good green day (i.e.: smooth, kerplunk, dookie, insomniac). or mow a lawn or something. just stfu.
teeny bopper: omfg lolzords billie iz sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damm fine! omfg wtf lmfao eee! i luv american idiot omfg i have 10 copiez cuz i is cool

me: *swift kick*
by Mike Romanko November 03, 2005
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