i stupid excuse for football. a games where overweight americans wear pads to make themselves look even fatter and bash each other up for a friggon ball.
i'd explain more but its a waste of my time and energy. aussie rules football is way better.
i dont wanna hear about american football.
by gina hamiltom October 26, 2006
The American version of rugby. For people who lack the mental ability to play rugby. Where plays are ran over and over again because the players are too stupid to use thier own initiative when the shit hits the fan. A match consists of one yard being made every minute or so. players are usually armoured up with oversized chunks of material.
" Those who can, play rugby, those who can't, play american football, those who can't,play soccer
by Naesc November 03, 2006
It's called Gayball in Europe
Hey dude, do you want to play gayball?
You mean american football?
Yes, gayball
by Cadel Evans July 23, 2006
Nerds worst enemy mostly beacause it is a very high contact sport and they are afraid to get hurt.
Also the greatest sport in the world.
American Football
by Mr.Whitaker69 December 17, 2008
The Greatest Game on Earth. The only sport to incorporate strategy, strength, speed, and stanima all in one game.
Soccer requires you to have speed and stanima, but you don't have to be strong or smart to play it

Basketball requires you to have speed, stanima, and strategy, but you don't have to be very strong to play it

Baseball requires you to have strength and speed but there isn't much strategy or stanima required

American Football requires you to have all of these traits so it is the greatest sport on earth IMO
by Geeter August 27, 2006
A known fact about American Football is that it is Better than Soccer, Because in every country that has there own football code, football is considered better than soccer. Canada, Austraila, and America, all have both popular football and soccer leagues, but all of these countrys don't like soccer as much as there football codes. Therfour, it is a fact that if football was popular in the UK or in Asia as in the US, Canada, or Austraila, Football would be considered better than soccer.

Football > Soccer
Soccer: No Strategy other than setting formations and substitutions

American Football: Tons of Strategy. Players must memorize hunderedes of plays and formations, and must know how to execute them.

Soccer: Players must know how to run all over a field for 90 minutes long

American Football: Players must know how to run all over a field 4 hours long.

Soccer: Player must know how to kick a ball

American Football: Players must know how to Catch, Kick, Throw, Tackle, Cover, guard, and blitz

Soccer: Player must have strong legs

American Football: Player must have strong legs AND strong arms.

Soccer: Players must not be aggressive for fear of getting a "warning" (Yellow Card)

American Football: Players must be aggressive

Soccer: Players fake injuries

American Football: Players don't fake injuries

Soccer: Soccer teams are known as "clubs"

American Football: Football teams are known as "TEAMS"

Soccer: Boring. 90 minutes of passing the ball over and over and over again until a goal is scored.

American Football: Not boring. 4 hours of Hard hitting, amazing catches, long pass plays, exciting runs, and a whole lot of defence.
by Geeter August 15, 2006
Sport played mainly in America. Designed so that every strand of society has something they can do. Fat bloaters to bump into each other, actual athletes to run and kick, and enough support staff to win the war in Iraq.

Unfeasibly boring due to repeated and lengthy breaks in play.

Rugby's stunted bastard child...
Commentator 1: "Yeah John, that was a fantastic pass from shotgun by Brett Favre."

Commentator 2: "Fuck off, I'm watching rugby."
by Scotsdave December 13, 2004

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