the most sped sport in the world, where you see fat man wearing 50 pound pads running around for 5 seconds at a time, and they still manage to break a sweat.
I saw a play in american football last for over 4 seconds!
No way dude!
by lfc319 June 17, 2015
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American football is called Football because the ball measures a foot. Incase you inbreds only thought it refers to the use of feet and balls.
Guy 1: American football should be called handegg instead of football, they don't even use their feet!

Guy 2:... It's called football because the ball measures a foot genius.....

Guy 1: point taken
by SoIWasAtTheOffice July 30, 2011
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One of the stupidest sports to play for a school.Everyone thinks by playing football their tough, but their aren't, just stupid.Football takes all the money out of the schools athletic funding, and for what? to see a bunch of sweaty men grab each others nuts, grab a stupid ball, which isnt even shaped like a ball. It takes no brains to play football, actually, it destroys brain cells by the constant head trauma. Oh and no one comes to the games to see the game, they come to the games just like in nascar, to see if some one gets wrecked, or gets killed. Oh and you say all other sports are for pussie, well fuck you ass monkeys, yeah look up the term ass monkeys
American Football scenerio

Bill: Why do we have no tennis balls for the tennis team, soccerballs for the soccer team, or any baseballs for the baseball team.

Rob:Oh well you see, we needed heated cup holders for our charter bus, that way we are ready to go play a game that could possible kill us, and that wont even get us a scholarship
by screwfootball March 28, 2011
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The most popular sport in America. Requires a unique skill set foe every position. It requires strength, speed, precision, smarts, and more heart than any other team sport. Criticized by European pansy fucks(mostly of the soccer kind) because of the pads. The pads do little to protect me, the sticker on my helmet pretty much says "There's a good chance of death today." To all the fucking people who say the pads are gay put them on and say American football sucks put on the pads and say that to James Harrison and Clay Matthews. 1 of 2 will happen:
1) you will shit your pants, cry, and beg for your pussy soccer ball
2) you will cease to exist
Soccer douche(with his girlfriend): pads are gay, American football sucks
me: fuck you say!
soccer douche: pads are gay i will put them on and so you American
"i lay him out and make him concuss"
me: fuck you pansy motherfucker(take his girl)
soccer douche: "crying"
me: faggot
by xtremlylucky February 15, 2011
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