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Not only a game of strength, speed. but a mental game to. to everyone who thinks American football is a joke, your mistaken. It takes a long time to be not only physically ready, but mentally ready too. This game requires quick wits and above average intelligence in order to break down and read every play within a 2-3 second window. Also, offensivly, if your a runningback, u need to know snap calls.

(example: buda= on 1, Camille=on 2 ect.) also u need to know blocking calls. prior to the snap, lineman will shout out a bundle of different calls, for shift formations and such. you need to know who is doing what or the play will string out and be unsuccessful. In order to move the ball successfully on offense, all 11 men on the offense must execute there job perfectly, or it will be a broken play, and it all rely on the athletic ability of the ball handler. besides that, you have to be able to take a sever beating. i mean I'm talkin ear-ringing eye's flashing hits, ever down, which could be like 200-450 downs both ways. so instead of everyone saying footballs for pussy's or what ever u jokes say, throw on the pads. and you can at least try, you'll be in for a rude awakening
American football
offensive plays:
-pit left, flank right, 25 option load, lion, flex call split nasty right 48 pitch. on line call. (buda, Camille ect.)

defensive mentality when breaking down the offense after the snap
- is it a pitch? a dive? an iso? a bootleg? a power? an option? a screen? a power pass? a counter? is the QB dropping back? should i read the receivers? whats the line doing, are the shifting? what are the running backs doing?
by 5643 yeah right November 15, 2010
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It's called Gayball in Europe
Hey dude, do you want to play gayball?
You mean american football?
Yes, gayball
by Cadel Evans July 23, 2006
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Nerds worst enemy mostly beacause it is a very high contact sport and they are afraid to get hurt.
Also the greatest sport in the world.
American Football
by Mr.Whitaker69 December 17, 2008
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The Greatest Game on Earth. The only sport to incorporate strategy, strength, speed, and stanima all in one game.
Soccer requires you to have speed and stanima, but you don't have to be strong or smart to play it

Basketball requires you to have speed, stanima, and strategy, but you don't have to be very strong to play it

Baseball requires you to have strength and speed but there isn't much strategy or stanima required

American Football requires you to have all of these traits so it is the greatest sport on earth IMO
by Geeter August 27, 2006
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A known fact about American Football is that it is Better than Soccer, Because in every country that has there own football code, football is considered better than soccer. Canada, Austraila, and America, all have both popular football and soccer leagues, but all of these countrys don't like soccer as much as there football codes. Therfour, it is a fact that if football was popular in the UK or in Asia as in the US, Canada, or Austraila, Football would be considered better than soccer.

Football > Soccer
Soccer: No Strategy other than setting formations and substitutions

American Football: Tons of Strategy. Players must memorize hunderedes of plays and formations, and must know how to execute them.

Soccer: Players must know how to run all over a field for 90 minutes long

American Football: Players must know how to run all over a field 4 hours long.

Soccer: Player must know how to kick a ball

American Football: Players must know how to Catch, Kick, Throw, Tackle, Cover, guard, and blitz

Soccer: Player must have strong legs

American Football: Player must have strong legs AND strong arms.

Soccer: Players must not be aggressive for fear of getting a "warning" (Yellow Card)

American Football: Players must be aggressive

Soccer: Players fake injuries

American Football: Players don't fake injuries

Soccer: Soccer teams are known as "clubs"

American Football: Football teams are known as "TEAMS"

Soccer: Boring. 90 minutes of passing the ball over and over and over again until a goal is scored.

American Football: Not boring. 4 hours of Hard hitting, amazing catches, long pass plays, exciting runs, and a whole lot of defence.
by Geeter August 15, 2006
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Sport played mainly in America. Designed so that every strand of society has something they can do. Fat bloaters to bump into each other, actual athletes to run and kick, and enough support staff to win the war in Iraq.

Unfeasibly boring due to repeated and lengthy breaks in play.

Rugby's stunted bastard child...
Commentator 1: "Yeah John, that was a fantastic pass from shotgun by Brett Favre."

Commentator 2: "Fuck off, I'm watching rugby."
by Scotsdave December 13, 2004
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The Americans hadn't invented a sport yet that they could call their own. THey stole Britain's "football" (a game where you kick around a ball) and used their hands instead because they didn't know how to use feet in the olden days. They then stole rounders (another English game) and called it baseball.... what??
I hate American Football because I am cynical.
by Matt Bellamy April 21, 2004
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A sport that can be played professionally by any retard who can afford McDonald's or Steroids on a daily basis and/or can run real fast. A gym subscription will also come in handy for this sport. Played on a field which is 100 yards in length, the retards tackle each other fighting over a pigskinaka the football. When one of the leaner players on the field makes it to the other team's side points are scored. This is called a touchdown. Points can also be scored by a field goal where the pigskin is kicked between two poles.
Forest kept on running and running, even after scoring the touchdown.
by RicDaSpic April 12, 2005
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