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Not only a game of strength, speed. but a mental game to. to everyone who thinks American football is a joke, your mistaken. It takes a long time to be not only physically ready, but mentally ready too. This game requires quick wits and above average intelligence in order to break down and read every play within a 2-3 second window. Also, offensivly, if your a runningback, u need to know snap calls.

(example: buda= on 1, Camille=on 2 ect.) also u need to know blocking calls. prior to the snap, lineman will shout out a bundle of different calls, for shift formations and such. you need to know who is doing what or the play will string out and be unsuccessful. In order to move the ball successfully on offense, all 11 men on the offense must execute there job perfectly, or it will be a broken play, and it all rely on the athletic ability of the ball handler. besides that, you have to be able to take a sever beating. i mean I'm talkin ear-ringing eye's flashing hits, ever down, which could be like 200-450 downs both ways. so instead of everyone saying footballs for pussy's or what ever u jokes say, throw on the pads. and you can at least try, you'll be in for a rude awakening
American football
offensive plays:
-pit left, flank right, 25 option load, lion, flex call split nasty right 48 pitch. on line call. (buda, Camille ect.)

defensive mentality when breaking down the offense after the snap
- is it a pitch? a dive? an iso? a bootleg? a power? an option? a screen? a power pass? a counter? is the QB dropping back? should i read the receivers? whats the line doing, are the shifting? what are the running backs doing?
by 5643 yeah right November 15, 2010
wack-ass sport only played in the US

the european football is way better and it definatley owns american football
American Football Player: Yo football is the best son!!!
Soccer/European Football Player: Shut up soccer owns your sport!
by blitz94/spartan117 June 14, 2007
A game that is enjoyed by over 90% of America that is not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging. It is played in many countries with different rules but still keeps the basics of the game. In the US their are 32 professional teams in the largest league known as the NFL, but their are also many smaller leagues that are being formed and that have folded over the years(AFL(Merged with the NFL), USFL, and the WFL are a few). Many of the NFL teams have bitter rivalries between 1 or 2 teams because of old games that were played over 50 years before any of the modern players were born. Some people say it is a pansy sport because the players wear helmets and pads, but they do not think about what would happen to a 210lb Quarterback if he was tackled by a 270lb Defensive end without pads(he would have a broken bone after landing on hard dirt) And others say rugby is better just because they don't wear pads but in my opinion they are both fun and challenging games that require similar skills.
Lineman: So johnny are you gonna try out for the football team this year?

Johnny: No thanks American Football is for faggots who wear pads.

Lineman: *Tackles and snaps Johnny's spine* Are pads faggoty now?

Johnny: Mommy
by Seahawks 4 Lyfe January 06, 2008
a pansies version of rugby as for the football it should be called american pitball because footballs been around since the 1800s so as the right to be called football by everyone but the yanks

the american went to play american football
by leeRHull September 15, 2006
American Football isn't even football, because you hardly use your foot.
by Phantom Definition Writer December 31, 2005
One of the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world. To all the europeans that think its a sport for fat people to run in to each other you're wrong. Fat people that play football usually suck. It takes way more skill than soccer (I've played both). Try going up against a 240 lb linebacker thats yelling stuff to you about your mom than runs at you with a full out sprint and hits you so hard all you see is black for a few seconds than says something about how he lit your ass up while you're laying on the ground. You need way more leg strength than any other sport. The low man wins and by doing this you have to get REALLY low than on top of that you have to push guys that weigh around 200 lbs that are pushing back at you. Also if you say pads are for wimps they really don't do that much. All they do is make opponents hit you harder. On top of your own weight you have to carry you now have to carry another 30 lbs on your back while sprinting down the field.
European that thinks football is gay: American Football is gay.

American Football player: No you're just a pussy.

European that thinks football is gay: Yeah you're right.
by bowdown May 25, 2008
i stupid excuse for football. a games where overweight americans wear pads to make themselves look even fatter and bash each other up for a friggon ball.
i'd explain more but its a waste of my time and energy. aussie rules football is way better.
i dont wanna hear about american football.
by gina hamiltom October 26, 2006
The American version of rugby. For people who lack the mental ability to play rugby. Where plays are ran over and over again because the players are too stupid to use thier own initiative when the shit hits the fan. A match consists of one yard being made every minute or so. players are usually armoured up with oversized chunks of material.
" Those who can, play rugby, those who can't, play american football, those who can't,play soccer
by Naesc November 03, 2006